A cheap day of baseball in Florida with the Braves?

Courtesy of The Telegraph:

So you and your family are heading down to Florida, expecting to catch a few days of spring training while taking a break from what’s going on back home.

Rub shoulders with some Atlanta Braves stars who put in a couple of innings of work, check up on some prospects, catch some sun and enjoy a relatively inexpensive afternoon at the ballpark, you figure.

Well, check that relatively inexpensive part.

According to a study released by secondary ticket seller TickPick, the Braves have the seventh-most expensive spring training ticket among major league teams. Only the Washington Nationals (West Palm Beach) and Boston Red Sox (Fort Myers) have average tickets that are more expensive on the Grapefruit League side.

The average ticket at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports complex is $68.84, according to the report, a decrease of $11.08 from the 2016 season. The ticket prices are based on the inventory available on the TickPick site and not prices listed on the Braves website.

Tickets for Braves spring training games are based in part on the opponent, according to the Braves’ website. Tickets for a typical game run from $15 for berm (outfield grass) seating to $45 for lower reserved, with $30 the minimum for a physical seat. For prime opponents like the Red Sox or the New York Yankees, lower reserved tickets go up to $59. Those prices do not include online purchasing fees or day-of-game ticket window surcharges.

The Braves’ first exhibition game is Saturday, when they host Toronto at 1:05 p.m.