Bayern Fans Revolt Inside Emirates Stadium Over Ticket Prices During Their 5-1 Win Over Arsenal

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An unforgiving Bayern Munich side hammered Arsenal in London last night, smashing five past the Gunners in an embarrassing 10-2 aggregate defeat over two legs.

While the scoreline took the majority of the headlines, the game was periodically suspended whilst sections of the Bayern faithful revolted by throwing toilet paper onto the pitch, as reported by the Sports Bible.

The game kicked off slightly later than expected due to the incident, with play held back by Bayern supporters throwing rolls of paper onto the pitch in protest of ticket prices.

​​’Without fans, football is not worth a penny!’ ​read the banners that took centre stage during the delay, aimed in angst at the £80+ booking fee to enter the stadium for Tuesday nights game.

​​In the meeting between the two sides back in 2015, a similar protest occurred in the stands of traveling supporters, as they argued their stance on the astronomical pricing.

Arsenal are the most expensive team to watch in English football, with a season ticket setting you back a whopping £1,014.

Alarm bells are ringing for Arsene Wenger, as many fans now call for action to be taken against the French manager following their failure to progress. With 12 games left to play, Arsenal are fifth and are outside of qualification criteria for next years Champions League.