Do TV Ads Drive Facebook, Twitter Engagement? (Study)

Courtesy of SocialTimes:

One out of every five engagements with brands on Facebook and Twitter is driven by television advertising, according to a new study from media giant Turner and data science and media technology company 4C, a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Turner and 4C studied 26 brands from several different verticals, using 4C’s TV ad occurrence data, Nielsen National People Meter ratings, other data from Nielsen and public social engagement on Facebook (posts, likes, comments) and Twitter (brand mentions, retweets). Its major findings were:

  • One out of every five social media brand engagements was driven by television advertising: 18 percent came from TV, and one-half of 3 percent came from TV and sfocial. Turner and 4C said in a press release: “Reinforcing the significance of television’s impact, TV-influenced consumers must switch to a secondary device and navigate to an application or brand page to take social action, indicating a strong engagement intention.”


  • Zeroing in on the two largest drivers of social brand engagement, TV drives one out of three engagements: Turner and 4C said the cross-screen effect of TV and social ads running simultaneously contributed to 5 percent of social media brand engagement.


  • TV advertising during premium programming drives 4.5 times higher social brand engagement than during non-premium programming: Premium was defined as sports, live and originals, and it impacted 64 percent of TV-driven social engagement and 28 percent of impressions. Sports and live programming scored the highest, and originals also performed significantly better than non-premium fare.


Turner chief research officer Howard Shimmel said in a release introducing the study:

The industry is well aware of social media’s ability to authentically bridge the divide between brands and consumers, yet little research has been conducted analyzing the role of television–the most powerful marketing channel for advertisers–as a driver to the social space. We partnered with 4C to more deeply understand and plan against television’s influence on social brand engagement to further enable our advertising partners to effectively connect with their target audiences and optimize spend across all platforms and screens.

4C CEO Lance Neuhauser added:

While television is a dominant channel for advertisers given its unparalleled reach and ability to drive emotional resonance, technology is simultaneously transforming the way consumers interact with content and brands. The rise of social media has turned television into a participatory event where viewers can provide commentary and consumers can engage with brands. For marketers, the imperative is to develop cross-channel strategies that capitalize on these shared media experiences.