Man City increase season ticket prices again

Courtesy of the Manchester Evening News:

Manchester City have released the price for season tickets for the 2019/20 season and have explained the reason behind their decision.

Manchester City have increased season ticket prices by an average of three per cent.

Fans were sent packs for their 2019/20 season ticket cards on Thursday morning when they discovered their renewal price for the first time and saw prices had increased.

The package sent to supporters read: “After another fantastic season for the boys in blue, you can make sure you’re there for all the action in 2019/20 by securing your Seasoncard today.”

Cheapest season tickets still remain at £325, which is amongst the cheapest in the Premier League, while the most expensive have increased from £940 last season to £950 for the next campaign.

While tickets have gone up by an average of 3 per cent that means an increase of less than £1 per game across the season for all Seasoncards below £500.

The club believe their pricing structure still enables tickets to be accessible to fans despite taking the decision not to freeze prices for a number of years and that they have one of the most accessible pricing structures in the league.

Club sources stressed City’s commitment to offering a wide range of Seasoncards at different price points which allow fans to continue to watch the champions, including a value season card which is the equivalent to under £16 a game.