Miami Dolphins already winning — at the ticket window

Courtesy of the Miami Herald:

Even as Las Vegas oddsmakers and NFL pundits have doubts about how successful the Miami Dolphins are going to be this season, their season-ticket buying fans seem to be all in for a good year.

Those fans certainly are showing that confidence at the ticket window because this week the Dolphins sold out of season tickets for the 2017 season — the first time that has happened in recent memory.

The team has now begun taking deposits at to join a wait list for 2018 season tickets — another first in recent memory.

The actual number of season tickets sold is not known because the Dolphins stopped publishing those numbers after 2013. The total number of season tickets sold in 2013, the last year available, was 41,899.

A club source declined to say what the season-ticket sales number is now but it’s safe to say the number is somewhere between 50,000-60,000.

And while that might suggest a dramatic increase over one year because the Dolphins made the playoffs in 2016, the source said that was not the case. The Dolphins have enjoyed a steady growth in season-tickets sales practically every year since 2012, the source said.

This is obviously good news for the Dolphins financially because they are certain to reap the benefits of increased ticket sales. But it also helps the on-field product as more fans in the stands makes Hard Rock Stadium a louder, more inhospitable venue for visiting teams.

There are still some single-game tickets available that the team held back for fans that cannot purchase season tickets and other purposes. Those went on sale this week.

Hard Rock Stadium, which has undergone a $500-million-plus renovation the past three years, has a capacity of 65,326.