Also, premium subscription– extra fee (10 individual locations per pass, each with its own message – will use for the restaurants)

Social Media Video / Feature at the bottom (Imp)
While it may be harder than ever for brands to connect with consumers, live music events continue to be one of the best places to do so.
– Live Nation

Events PLUS!
Increase sales using live events.

Events PLUS! provides an easier and more effective marketing strategy to help businesses increase sales, get more customers and members, while creating awareness about your company products and services.
– Your company will be a presenting sponsor and partner during the promotion of live events from the world’s most popular sports teams, athletes, and entertainers.

WWE     Tom Brady     LeBron James     Adele     Eminem     Steph Curry   Odell Beckham, Jr.     Beyonce     Dallas Cowboys     New York Yankees     Drake     Denzel Washington     Bruno Mars     Los Angeles Dodgers     Natalie Portman

Getting started is quick and easy!

1. – Create a company-branded promo code (Membership Number) your customers will use during registration when ordering their discounted event tickets
Note: The promo code and membership number will be activated immediately!
2. To reach your target audience, choose any popular and upcoming live event (e.g., NFL, NBA, Concert)
3. Submit the event name, date, and location
Select the number of tickets (15% off) you would like to offer for the event
5. Submit payment

Your customers will receive the following exclusive benefits:
– 15% off tickets to the selected live event
Save $45 on any ticket up to $300
– Simplified checkout on user’s mobile wallet

Most Americans have a smartphone by them all day, many all night
– Gallup

Send a lock screen message after the event!
– Submit a company advertisement, coupon, or announcement directly to user smartphone
– The need to invest in expensive mobile apps
– Communicate with potential and current customers on-the-go
– iPhone and Android compatible

Example: Coupon (left) and lock screen message (right)       

A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.
– Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook


Share the event on social media (Extra!).

1. We create the event on Facebook, inviting your company and personal pages as co-hosts (See example below – Washington Redskins v. Dallas Cowboys – 10.29.17)
– The link to purchase tickets (e.g. Ticketmaster, StubHub) included within the Facebook event
2. Use the event’s discussion section to communicate with event respondents and attendees
3. We also share the event(s) on Twitter and Instagram, connecting with your profile on both platforms

Sample Facebook event statistics – Washington Redskins v. Dallas Cowboys (10.29.17)
108,300 – number of Facebook users reached
4,000 – number of page views
2,400 – number of responses (e.g., Comments, Likes, Shares)
52 – number of ticket clicks

Click to register:

Contact us with any questions or clarifications.


EXTRA:  Free trial of the ticket ordering software is available upon request for any company representative