Scott Boras: Ticket prices should be lower for games between ‘tanking teams’

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

Super agent Scott Boras is one of the central figures in this icy cold and contentious offseason.

As the agent for many of baseball’s best unsigned free agents, Boras has been outspoken about the issues he believes are plaguing the market. Chief among them being his belief that several teams are tanking, which means not spending money or making a reasonable effort to put the best team on the field right now.

The tanking concerns are just one big reason we could be looking at an ugly battle between the owners and players union somewhere down the road. Though clearly it’s first and foremost on Boras’ mind. Just recently Boras called tanking or rebuilding teams a “cancer” to the sport, knowing full well his strong wording would garner attention. Now he’s offered another attention-grabbing quote aimed at putting the league and rebuilding teams on blast.

If only we could have seen the smirk on his face when he bellowed those words.

It’s true that we’re seeing MLB teams put a higher price tag on premium matchups, which often times prices a large portion of fans. It’s also true it would benefit those fans if tickets for other games became more affordable. Unfortunately for him, his bluster here comes up short of the mark.

The problem with his suggestion lies in the reality of the landscape. With higher prices becoming the norm for higher profile series, the baseline price is serving as that compromise for lesser series. Consumer demand has set the bar where it belongs relative to which teams draw crowds and which teams don’t. Teams, for the most part, are just following those basic economical patterns.

Twitter never misses an opportunity, does it?

While Boras has gathered a smattering of support with his latest quip, the majority have already shrugged and prepared themselves for his next one.

There’s also the group that’s enjoying Boras’ sudden and seemingly convenient concern for the fans.

Sincere or not on this matter, one thing that’s become clear this winter is that Scott Boras’ approval rating will always look like it’s tanking.