TB Sports and Entertainment is happy to announce the Student Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program is designed to promote the new SPEEDING TICKETS membership program to students. The SPEEDING TICKETS membership program is designed to provide quick ticket solutions for various events (e.g. sports, concerts, theater, theme parks, movies, and more).

Members pay a monthly fee ($9.99). After membership verified, members select an event they want to attend and forward the details to TB Sports and Entertainment ( Our staff will process ticket orders and forward the receipts to the members. Members will provide the receipt when attending the event for entry.

With a new balance on the membership account, members can elect to pay their balance in full after the event (No time period required), or allow a portion of the monthly membership fee to be credited to the balance (No Late Fees, No Interest). All members receive a monthly statement.

We are seeking college students to help promote and support the SPEEDING TICKETS program on current social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).


  • Identify opportunities within current social media activity to facilitate engagement about the benefits of the program
  • Promote the program by holding social media platform events
  • Gather any relevant information which will be used to foster future marketing program activities
  • Comply with all school and general legal guidelines


  • Public Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales

The position is unpaid. No more than 10 hours per week required; work around any class schedules to promote, where most communications will be on the internet. Each ambassador will be provided with a monthly $25 ticket membership credit and receive $5 for each new member referral (Member referrals based on those registered with the same school email address as the ambassadors).

Members of The Sports Résumé ( will staff the positions. Send all résumé and cover letter submissions to (Subject Line: Student Ambassador – College Name)