The Hawks Are Targeting Millennial Fans With This Truly Incredible Season Ticket Plan

Courtesy of UPROXX:

It used to be that season ticket holders comprised only the very upper crust of professional sports fans. But one NBA team is trying to change that. TheAtlanta Hawks recently announced a new promotion targeting a much younger, more frugal demographic. Via Phil W. Hudson of The Atlanta Business Chronicle:

In an attempt to attract “cost-conscious and tech-forward fans,” the club will offer a mobile friendly option in the newly announced Hawks Season PASS, which can be purchased on the team’s site using the promo code “SEASONPASS” for six monthly payments of $67 or a single payment of $399. The Atlanta-based tech company Experience will provide the mobile technology for the Hawks Season PASS.


“The language and currency of millennials is digital,” [Hawks CEO Steven Koonin] said. “We’ve been very digitally active…We’ve become a property that really is talking to a generation.”

It’s truly a tremendous value, giving the normal cost of attending an NBA game. The pass is good for a total of 41 home games, not including a couple of premier games featuring the visiting Cavs and Warriors. Tickets are redeemed entirely through the Hawks’ mobile app, but one of the catches is that you don’t exactly get to choose your seats. Fans will receive notification prior to games about where their seats are located. Regardless, it’s a great idea to get more people to attend games.