Ticketmaster to kill long lines by checking event attendees in with smartphone audio data

Courtesy of The Verge:

Ticketmaster is launching a new ticketing system that can passively check attendees into events using audio data from smartphones to reduce entry wait time. Rather than manually scanning a QR code or a barcode from a paper ticket, a “smart tone” technology can receive attendee’s data over their smartphone’s ultrasonic sound transmission to verify their mobile ticket and ID, allowing people to cruise in simply by showing a green approved screen on their phones.

The new e-ticketing system, called Presence, is powered by Lisnr, a Cincinnati-based company that previously partnered with event-planning startup Splash and Jaguar Land Rover. With Jaguar, for example, the company can identify the driver’s seat preferences and automatically adjust the settings by recognizing sound information sent from their unique smartphone.

The Ticketmaster and Lisnr partnership aims to reduce ticket fraud as a mobile ticket from the new technology not only ties it to the person’s account, but also their smartphone. So if someone else has sold you their ticket, once you’ve claimed it they will not longer be able to scan in as it has been transferred over to your unique device. According to VentureBeat, gaining access to a particular attendee’s smartphone also grants event venues precise geo-locations of each guest, allowing organizers to send personalized messages to individuals even as they move within the venue. In the future, Lisnr and Ticketmaster plan to add shopping capability with this sound recognition technology, so guests can purchase food and drink from their seats without waiting in line at concessions. The idea is similar to Google’s Nearby feature which lets users interact with surrounding services and devices that are between 30 to 100 feet in proximity.

Lisnr’s technology is currently in place at hundreds of venues, and the company expects a full global roll out to take place over the next four years.