Twitter may launch its new Facebook-like timeline next week, report says

Courtesy of Mashable:

Twitter’s most controversial change yet may be a lot closer than we thought.

The company plans to formally roll out a redesigned version of its timeline in the near future, possibly next week, according to a new report in BuzzFeed.

The feature, which Twitter has been experimenting with for some time, uses algorithms to determine the order of tweets rather than the strict reverse chronological order. The company had previously confirmed to Mashable that it was testing such a feature, though it wasn’t clear if or when it would roll it out more broadly.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the report Friday but Twitter executives have previously suggested they were considering tweaking the format of timelines. CEO Jack Dorsey said the company would “continue to question our reverse chronological timeline” during Twitter’s Q2 earnings call last year. The company’s former product chief Kevin Weil also hinted at such a change.

“Great product teams are always challenging their own beliefs… changing away from purely reverse chronological timeline to a world where we try and show you the most interesting and most relevant, most important thing that’s happening in your world the moment you open Twitter — that’s an example of questioning your core beliefs,” he said during a conference in November.

Twitter could also choose to make the algorithmic timelines opt-in, as NBC News’ director of Branded Content suggested Friday, following BuzzFeed’s report.

As Twitter continues to struggle with user growth, the service’s reverse chronological order has been cited as a feature that can make Twitter particularly confusing for newcomers. Switching to an algorithm-based system, like Facebook’s, could make the experience more approachable.

Of course, as with any new change, Twitter users were not pleased with the news.