Universal Studios Hollywood raises gate ticket prices

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times:

About a week after Disneyland raised its ticket prices, Universal Studios Hollywood hiked attendance prices an extra $5 per visitor.

The daily ticket price at the gate rose to $120 from $115, on top of increases adopted last year of up to 20%. Universal Orlando also raised prices over the weekend by up to $5 per ticket.

The new prices are part of what has become almost an annual rite among theme parks: increase prices just before the crush of visitors rushes to the parks for spring break.

In Anaheim, Disneyland on Feb. 12 boosted prices $2 for daily passes to as much as $20 for some multi-day tickets and annual passes.

Tickets bought online for Universal Studios haven’t changed in price since last year when the park adopted a variable system that charges more for high-demand days.

“Our adjusted ticket pricing is competitive and reflective of our exciting entertainment options,” said Audrey Eig, a Universal Studios Hollywood spokeswoman.

On low-demand days, such as every day in late February and throughout March, the daily online price is $99. In early April, when many schools close for spring break, the online price rises to $110.

Universal Studios officials note that visitors to the park can enjoy several new attractions, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a haunted maze attraction based on the AMC television series “The Walking Dead.” Both opened last year.