Why the Twitter Buy Button can be your E-Commerce Store’s Holy Grail

Courtesy of SocialQuant:

Twitter is a dangerous place these days … for consumers who love to shop!

At the end of September, Twitter announced that the “buy now” button will be available to any merchant in the U.S. that uses Demandware, Bigcommerce or Shopify as their commerce store provider.

The Twitter buy button will make it easier for those retailers to sell products, digital goods or services directly within Twitter, without having to require users to leave the platform.

The addition of the buy now button marks part of a growing trend on social media.

Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram have also added or are in the process of testing or considering buy buttons.

Unlike those other social networks, though, Twitter is one of the best platforms for driving traffic back to a website and is one of the easiest for getting your content in front of your audience.

Why is the Twitter buy button so valuable for retailers?

Sales are just two clicks away.

Twitter users will be able to purchase products (or services) in as few as two taps – one to click on the buy button and the second to confirm the purchase.

There WILL be an initial process to set up payment and shipping information once on Twitter. You can simply go to your Twitter settings and on your lefthand side is an area that says cards and shipping.

Once you complete this section all future purchases on Twitter are simply 2 clicks away.

Mobile digital media time in the US is significantly higher than desktop (51% compared to 42%) and users are now able to shop from their mobile phones (and make impulse buys while scrolling through their newsfeeds) more easily than ever before!

Retargeting Baby

Think about it like this:

  1. Potential shopper is on your website considering a purchase

  2. Shopper leaves your website for whatever reason without making a purchase (3 out of 4 shoppers do)

  3. Shopper is on Twitter later that day and see’s an opportunity to purchase your product they left in their cart earlier

  4. Shopper can now just make 2 clicks and they’ve bought your product

  5. Customer is so happy with their purchase they share about it on Twitter

Think about the opportunity this offers your e-commerce store?

There isn’t another platform yet that offers something as sweet as this and with so much more opportunity to increase your sales so easily.

The Twitter buy button now makes remarketing on Twitter a must for e-commerce store owners and with tools like AdRoll the process is so easy.

Users are conditioned for discovery.

Twitter users have already been conditioned to use the platform to discover new content.

Unlike Facebook, where users go to look at pictures of their friends’ dogs or stay in touch with high school friends, people go to Twitter to find new content, which means it’s a great place to introduce your business and products to cold traffic!

Twitter is still growing with the RIGHT people.

Unlike Facebook, where audience growth has plateaued, Twitter is still on the move!

From 2013 to 2014, Twitter’s audience rose by 27.7% (from 18% to 23% of all Internet users). However, none of that growth would mean anything if none of the users have any disposable income.

According to the Pew Research Center, though, Millennials are the biggest users of Twitter with 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds using it.

With high numbers of both college graduates and those making over $50,000 per year, the Twitter audience has respectable disposable income…making them prime targets for ecommerce sites that want to initiate impulse purchases.

The old rules still apply.

If you want to successfully take advantage of ecommerce on Twitter, you can’t start blasting your followers with nonstop products. That will only alienate your potential buyers and cause you to lose Twitter followers fast.

You still need to follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of what you put out on Twitter is valuable content that your audience wants to see. The remaining 20% can consist of promotional content like products.

You also need to be making a serious effort to engage with your followers and stay on top of the conversation around your products and/or services. Use a tool like Mention to quickly be alerted when ANYTHING is said online about your brand.

Take advantage of trending hashtags when you can.

Trending hashtags are great for getting free promotion for your brand…and sometimes you can even use them to push your promotional content. Monitor trending hashtags for opportunitieswhere you can integrate your products with those trends.

Final Thoughts

Like everything, you’ll have to test to see how well the Twitter buy button works for you and your business.

However, if you are focused on producing strong content and growing an engaged, online community, you’re positioning your ecommerce business for success with Twitter.