You can now use Google Pay balance w/ in-store NFC payments on Android

Courtesy of 9to5 Google:

Following the complete revamp of its app earlier this year, Google Pay is now getting a usability upgrade for Android users. Starting this week, Google Pay balance can be used for in-store NFC payments using a virtual card.

Rolling out this week, the Google Pay app now offers a virtual card for your account balance. This allows users to immediately use funds that are earned from rewards or sent by friends/family for in-store payments. This, of course, only works on Android smartphones that support NFC at stores that offer the payment option.

Before this change, Google Pay balance could only be used for sending funds to other people, buying items online or in Google products/Play Store, or transferring money out to your bank account. This prevented the money from being used in stores unless paying extra to have funds instantly transferred to a bank account or waiting 1-3 days for the funds to process.

To get the Google Pay balance card you’ll need to request it through the Pay app.